InVideo is another AI-powered video generator

Pictory automatically adds accurate captions to your videos quickly. It creates highlights from webinars and other long videos and lets users schedule automatic posting on various social channels via Hootsuite integration.

Pictory offers a free trial that enables marketers to create three video projects.

InVideo is another AI-powered video generator that allows marketers to create videos from text. You can use InVideo to create videos for social media ads, promos, or your YouTube channel.

InVideo offers a free online video maker with limited features. You can create and render videos with a watermark at no cost. You’ll need to upgrade to one of InVideo’s paid plans to remove the watermark or use features like premium stock media.

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DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is an artificial intelligence company that provides real-time video synthesis solutions. DeepBrain AI’s AI Humans can be conversational or non-conversational.

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The company’s AI technologies include video and speech synthesis, live chatbots, and more.

DeepBrain’s solutions create generative AI videos with just a script and apply to various industries, including financial services, retail and commerce, education, as well as media.

DeepBrain AI has two pricing plans: Starter at $24 monthly and Pro at $180 monthly. is an AI-powered video script generator. It provides compelling video scripts that you can turn into movies or short videos.

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Other AI-based tools

Marketers at brands and agencies should spend 80% of their mythical “spare time” evaluating AI video generators and the remaining 20% evaluating other AI-based tools.

Why? Two reasons.

First, Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo, the heads of research and development at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, recently shared a contrarian take on AI in MarketingWeek.

“The biggest disruption won’t be creative. The biggest disruption will be diagnosis. AI has the potential to change market research forever. And for the better,” they said.

Second, even YouTube has a contrarian take on AI.

So, let’s look at two other AI-based tools.


DAIVID, an AI-powered creative effectiveness platform, uses a suite of advanced technologies – including facial coding, eye tracking, and computer vision – to help with campaign planning, video testing, and media planning.

But it leaves creation to brands and agencies.

DAIVID’s partners include ADK Marketing Solutions, Coca-Cola, DIRECTV, EssenceMediacom, and Singtel.

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